ANFEP Summer 2013: Vietnam Seminar Overview

ASIANetwork Faculty Enhancement Program (ANFEP)
Deepening Asian Studies in the Liberal Arts
Seminars in India, South Korea and Vietnam

supported by
Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

“Vietnam: Consensus, Conflict, Contradiction, and Change”

June 14 – July 6, 2013 (Tentative dates)

Director: Dr. Jack Harris, Hobart and William Smith Colleges

With generous funding from the Mellon Foundation, the 2013 Vietnam Seminar is the third of three faculty development summer seminars in the ASIANetwork Faculty Enhancement Program (ANFEP) Deepening Asian Studies in the Liberal Arts. The summer 2011 seminar took place in India, while the summer 2012 seminar will take place in South Korea. For an overview of ANFEP, please see its main page. Note that while faculty members may apply to more than one seminar, they may participate, if chosen, in only one.

Arhat at But Tap Pagoda, Hanoi

2013 Vietnam Seminar: Program Details

    • Each seminar group will consist of eight (8) participating faculty members. No partners or spouses may accompany the participants.
    • Once participants have been chosen, the Seminar Leader will communicate with seminar participants electronically, prior to a half-day intensive pre-departure workshop to be held on April 12, 2013 in conjunction with the ASIANetwork conference in Nashville, TN, April 12-14, 2013.
    • Participants will travel directly from a common departure city to the city in the destination country where the travel seminar will begin. During the three-week, in-country seminar, the group will attend lectures by in-country experts, visit cultural and historical sites related to their topics, meet with resource people at relevant agencies and offices, conduct research, and participate in working sessions led by the Seminar Leader. Please see the itinerary page for a detailed tentative schedule of destinations and activities.

Street Scene, Ho Chi Minh City

  • After the in-country travel seminar, participants will submit a report describing how they plan to use and build on the knowledge gained through this experience in future teaching and research. During the following fall and spring, participants will complete their projects. At the spring 2014 ASIANetwork conference, held concurrently with the pre-departure orientation workshop for the next seminar group, the previous year’s participants will meet for a follow-up plenary workshop. Participants will also participate in a conference panel to share their experiences and strategies with other ASIANetwork members.

Cho Hom Market, Hanoi

The program will provide faculty participants with international air travel (from U.S. airport of departure to Vietnam and back), domestic in-country travel, and lodging and most meals for three weeks. As matching funds, participant institutions will be required to pay a $1,500 participation fee (for the faculty participant) and the expenses for the faculty participant to attend the pre and post travel workshops at two ASIANetwork conferences. Note that participants are responsible for their travel to/from their home city to the departure city in the U.S.

Detailed Itinerary

Ho Chi Minh’s House on Stilts

For questions, please contact Professor Ronnie Littlejohn, ASIANetwork Faculty Enhancement Program (ANFEP) Director, e-mail:, phone: at 615-460-6494.

Making Rice Paper

Professor Jack Harris teaches sociology at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. Among his varied academic experiences abroad, Professor Harris has been Faculty Director of the Vietnam semester abroad program many times, led several faculty study tours to Vietnam, is leading an alumni tour to Vietnam August, 2012, and will direct the Fall Semester Abroad program with students in Fall, 2012. He has coordinated faculty members to lead the abroad program and, with their help, has developed it into a successful joint program with Union College. Professor Harris has served as presenter and respondent several times at the International Conference on Vietnamese Studies in Hanoi and has published papers on Vietnamese men’s studies in both Vietnam and in the United States. At Hobart and William Smith he currently serves as chair of the American Studies Program, director of the Civic Engagement and Service Learning minor, director of the men’s studies program, and is a member of the Asian language and cultures program.

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation granting mission is to strengthen and sustain institutions and their core capacities, rather than be a source for narrowly defined projects. As such, they develop thoughtful, long-term collaborations with grant recipients and invest sufficient funds for an extended period to accomplish the purpose at hand and achieve meaningful results.

ASIANetwork, a consortium of approximately 150 North American colleges, strives to strengthen the role of Asian Studies within the framework of liberal arts education to help prepare succeeding generations of undergraduates for a world in which Asian societies play prominent roles in an ever more interdependent world.