2015 Student-Faculty Fellows Program

The summer 2015 ASIANetwork Freeman Student-Faculty Fellows Program (SFF) is the seventeenth funded by the Freeman Foundation to support collaborative undergraduate research in East and Southeast Asia. Over $278,000 will be allocated to twelve faculty mentors and thirty-seven students in four teams led by a single mentor and four teams led by two mentors. They […]

2015 Student-Faculty Fellows Program: Augustana College (Illinois)


Mentors: Ann Ericson, Department of Business Administration; Mari Nagase, Department of World Languages, Literature, and Cultures Students: Shawna Ables’17, Stephanie Drago’15, Sarah Funke’17, Trang Ho’17, Gage Meyers’17, Emily Stanevicius’16 The Changing Dynamics of A Japanese Company Amid the Globalizing Business Environment: A Case Study of Hitachi Construction Machinery Company While many Japanese companies have struggled […]

2015 Student-Faculty Fellows Program: Luther College


Mentors: Hongmei Yu, Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Linguistics; Stratis Giannakouros, Department of Environmental Studies Students: Kaitlyn Fillmore’15, James Foster’16, Travis Houle’15, Rachel Johnson’17, Sophis Ristau’15, John Rosenwinkel ‘16 Heto: A Northern Chinese Village in the Process of Urbanization The dual-mentored team with six students aims to explore the process of urbanization in Heto, […]

2015 Student-Faculty Fellows Program: Maryville College


Mentor: Shankar Ghimire, Social Science Division Students: Tyler Jones’15, Eric Lipka’16, Caitlyn Myers’15, Taylor Rigatti’16 Micro-credit and Rural Development: The Importance of Credit Cooperatives to Small Scale Entrepreneurs in Rural Nepal This proposed research project will study the role of microfinance in the development of rural Nepal. Particularly, it will analyze the expansion of credit […]

2015 Student-Faculty Fellows Program: McDaniel College


Mentors: Qin Fang, Department of History; Kevin McIntyre, Department of Economic and Business Administration Students: Kent Hu’15, Greg Laslo’15, Zoie McNeil’17, Andrew Roberts’16, Aaron Sampson’17, Carly Weetman’16 Ownership and Entrepreneurship in the Tiehua Industry: Capitalism with Chinese Characteristics 1992-2014 Tiehua (wrought iron painting) is an art form identified with the city of Wuhu in Anhui […]

2015 Student-Faculty Fellows Program: Southwestern University


Mentor: Patricia Schiaffini, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures Students: Adrienne Dodd’15, Hunter Jurgens’17 Environmental Problems, Awareness and Solutions in Tibetan Populated Areas of Qinghai Province (China) Rural Tibetan areas in China are experiencing a rapid degradation of the environment due to global warming, resettlement of Tibetan herders into urban communities, transportation and infrastructural projects, […]

2015 Student-Faculty Fellows Program: St. Olaf College


Mentor: Ka Wong, Department of Asian Studies Students: Jacob Caswell’17, Nathalie Kenny’16, Cameron Rylander’16 A Tale of Two Eco-Cities: Environmental Awareness and Sustainable Urban Development in Tianjin and Qingdao, China This research project explores the perception, practice, and prospect of environmental protection and sustainable urban development through a comparative study of two national designated “Eco-Cities” […]

2015 Student-Faculty Fellows Program: SUNY New Paltz


Mentors: Melissa Yang Rock and Salvatore Engel-Di Mauro, Department of Geology Students: Marian Chen’15, Melissa Iachetta’15, Aiden Mabey’17, Kevin McGill, Europa McGovern’15, Joanne Zhao’16 Urban Farms in Chongqing, China: Examining the opportunities and Challenges of Food Production in the City By 2030 over seventy percent of China’s population will be living in urban areas. This […]

2015 Student-Faculty Fellows Program: Trinity University


Mentor: Alfred Montoya, Department of Sociology and Anthropology Students: Dima Alhourani’16, Nana McLaughlin’17, Faith Ozer’15, Nikita Viswasam’15 Effects of Declining International Aid on NGO HIV/AIDS Program in Vietnam This project aims to observe how changes international aid, primarily PEPFAR funding have affected the operations of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) conducting HIV/AIDS programs in Vietnam. Since the […]

Tribute to Van Symons, Augustana College


On behalf of all your colleagues and friends at ASIANetwork, thank you very much for all you have done for the consortium. You have served ASIANetwork for almost 20 years – as an active member, Board member, Board Chair, Executive Director, then Director of the Freeman-funded Student Faculty Fellows program. Your selflessness and dedication are […]