Annual Meeting

St. Louis Night

23nd Annual ASIANetwork Conference
Spring 2015 Conference

Renaissance St Louis Grand Hotel
St Louis, Missouri
April 10-12, 2015

Hosted by Webster University

The 2015 ASIANetwork Conference theme is ASIA: BODY AND SPIRIT. As Asianists, we study vastly different aspects of life in Asia: the languages, arts, histories, literatures, philosophies, religions, social structures, political systems, economies, and environments. But all of these aspects have something in common, which is the emphasis on the peoples of Asia. As scholars and teachers, we devote our intellectual attention to the understanding of human experiences in Asia. They are always embodied, and spiritual life is often a significant part.

At this year’s conference, we honor the embodied nature of Asian societies as well as their spiritual lives. Furthermore, we hope to find ways to explore how the spiritual is mediated through the body, and how the embodied nature of society affects the production of cultures, politics, economics, and the environment. These are issues that we encounter in our historical studies of Asia, and they are also essential to our understanding of Asian societies today.


Invited Speakers

P. J. Ivanhoe, Chair Professor of East Asian & Comparative Philosophy & Religion,
City University of Hong Kong, author of many books including Confucian Reflections: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times (2013)

Qiu Xiaolong, author of the award-winning Inspector Chen series of mystery novels and translator of two books of classical Chinese poetry

Laura Miller, Professor of Japanese Studies & Anthropology, University of St. Louis. Currently working on a book titled, Modern Girls on the Go: Gender, Mobility, and Labor in Japan

Evening performance and reception

Sponsored by the Confucian Institute at Webster University

Networking Sessions

Grant Opportunities: ASIANetwork and beyond
Conversations with Asian Studies faculty from around the country

Preconference Workshops

“Digital Storytelling: Tools and Techniques”
“Living in Harmony with Nature: Daoist and Buddhist Qigong Meditation”

Panel Presentations by ASIANetwork Members

Book Exhibit featuring 100’s of books on Asia


Registration begins in October 2014 on the ASIANetwork website.