Student-Faculty Fellows Program for Collaborative Research in Asia

Program Overview:

ASIANetwork is pleased to announce that financial support has again been provided by the Freeman Foundation to run a 16th “Student-Faculty Fellows Program” to support undergraduate research in Asia during the summer of 2014. The initial program cycle, run during the summers of 1998, 1999, and 2000, supported the research of thirty teams (a faculty mentor and one student researcher) in Asia, sixty “Fellows” in all. Beginning in 2001, the program expanded on this model, allowing each faculty mentor to take up to five students to Asia, to conduct research. During the past sixteen years, this program has provided 193 grants to 891 student and faculty fellows from 104 different colleges. Summaries of these research activities are available here.

See former program director Teddy Amoloza’s retrospective on the history and the impact of the Freeman Program in the Spring 2004 issue of ASIANetwork Exchange. See also AsiaNetwork’s tribute to Buck Freeman.

Teddy Amoloza Convening Freeman Info Session at 2004 Conference (Photo by Chia Ning)

Current Program Information

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